Top Atmospheric/Post-Black Metal Releases of 2019

Being quite a year for Atmospheric/Post-Black Metal releases, it was quite hard to select just a few to showcase. We do have to agree that the bar keeps getting higher and higher every year.

Honorable Mention: NONE - Damp Chill of Life (2019)

As one of the bleakest releases of 2019, NONE keeps constantly improving and showcases the most miserable side of the genre.

10. Midnight Odyssey - Biolume Part 1 - In Tartarean Chains (2019)

Oppressive ambiance and a knack for old-school elements, Midnight Odyssey unleashes a very bombastic and engaging release.

9. Imber Luminis - Same Old Silences (2019)

Not being pleased with unleashing some unfathomable Doom this year with SLOW, Déhà also delivers on hell of an excruciating Atmospheric Black Metal release.

8. Nachtig - Nachtig (2019)

One-man bands usually have a very well set direction of their sound thanks to not having to compromise with other members, Nachtig demonstrates this on its debut release.

7. Sertraline - These Mills Are Oceans (2019)

Powerful EP which shows that not all bands in this space have to sound alike.

6. Chrome Waves - A Grief Observed (2019)

Hailing from the USA, Chrome Waves unleashed misery upon listeners with 44 minutes of expertly crafted Atmospheric Post-Black Metal.

5. Violet Cold - kOsmik (2019)

Tons of great ideas very interestingly combined to create one of the most diverse and engaging releases of this list.

4. Advent Sorrow - Kali Yuga Crown (2019)

Punishing and extremely melancholic, these Aussie outfit unleashed one of our favorite releases of 2019.

3. Saor - Forgotten Paths (2019)

One-man battalion delivered one of the most intricate and yet intense releases of this list.

2. White Ward - Love Exchange Failure (2019)

Completely trippy and intoxicating release that shows a band full of excellent ideas and a knack for the bizarre.

1. Ellende - Lebensnehmer (2019)

Ellende continues to take the scene by storm with their intensely emotional releases filled with both brutality and melody.


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