Top Not So Metal Releases of 2019

With over 500 promo submissions in 2019, we received a fair share that are not quite metal. From Post-Rock to Psychedelic Rock to Shoegaze, these releases were the most interesting and engaging to us.

Honorable Mention: Molasses - Mourning Haze/Drops of Sunlight (2019)

As one of Roadburn's commissioned performances, Molasses brings back members of The Devil's Blood playing an emotionally charged tribute. We still regret missing this live show.

10. Soen - Lotus (2019)

Exploding into the International scene in 2019, Soen delivers a truly engaging and exciting release.

9. Hexvessel - All Tree (2019)

Diverging a bit from their Psychedelic Rock style from their last album, Hexvessel returned with creepy doomy folk music that will haunt your dreams.

8. Driving Slow Motion - Arda (2019)

Truly memorable Post-Rock releases are getting harder to find these days, luckily "Arda" is one of the best we heard in 2019.

7. Noekk - Waltzing in Obscurity (2019)

After they teased us with a strong EP in 2019, Noekk over delivered on everybody's expectations with this amazing release.

6. Lost in Kiev - Persona (2019)

Another lush Post-Rock release charged with emotions and epic instrumental passages.

5. Lunacy - My Favourite Dreams (2019)

Lunacy returned with a very diverse yet all-encompassing release filled with dream pop and shoegaze influences and led by the dreamy vocals of Morena.

4. Pencey Sloe - Don’t Believe, Watch Out (2019)

You can't go wrong with anything that Prophecy Productions releases and this dreamy Parisian Shoegaze trio delivered one of the best albums on the label in 2019.

3. DOOL - Love Like Blood (2019)

Intense and enigmatic Dark Rock from this Dutch outfit is just a little sampler of what is to come in their next release.

2. Jess By The Lake - Under The Red Light Shine (2019)

Jasmin Saarela, of Jess and the Ancient Ones fame, delivered a great solo debut release filled with funky 70's Psychedelic Rock influences.

1. GOLD - Why Aren’t You Laughing Now (2019)

Milena Eva and company take the highest honors with this superbly crafted and extra catchy release.


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