Top Death-Doom Metal Releases of 2019

The releases that make up our list have unleashed some of the most emotionally charged albums in the last few years, making our job of ranking them quite hard

Honorable Mention: Glare of the Sun - Theia (2019)

Interesting release filled with crafty additional influences that create a quite unique and dominating sound.

Honorable Mention: Ataraxie - Résignés (2019)

Monumental 20-minute tracks of furious Funeral Doom make up for a crushing release from this French outfit.

5. Hanging Garden - Into That Good Night (2019)

Veteran outfit keep evolving and unleashing masterful releases oozing of melancholy.

4. SLOW - VI - Dantalion (2019)

Filled with sorrow and piercing atmospherics, Déhà continues to level listener's psyches with his SLOW project.

3. Officium Triste - The Death of Gaia (2019)

This Dutch outfit manages to come back after several years with a very powerful release featuring a timeless sound with modern touches.

2. Helevorn - Aamamata (2019)

Spanish Death/Doom outfit greatly improved over their previous effort with a highly atmospheric release full of misery and redemption.

1. October Tide - In Splendor Below (2019)

The masters of melancholic and Doomy Melodic Death Metal return with a brilliant exercise in misery inducing catchiness.


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