Top Melodic/Technical Death Metal Releases of 2019

2019 was great year of crafty Melodic/Technical Death Metal featuring plenty of killer headbanging melodies and just the right amount of guitar acrobatics

5. Horrizon - World of Pain (2019)

Old-school German Melodic Death Metal at its best, with a great production and a killer sense of epicness.

4. Exmortus - Legions of the Undead (2019)

Special EP from this exciting young band, showcases a craftier side of their Technica/Melodic DM with Thrash influences and a nice Horror-influenced edge.

3. Allegaeon - Apoptosis (2019)

Crafting their own brand of Technical Death Metal, this North American outfit delivers one of the most engaging and fun releases of the genre in 2019.

2. Vinsta - Drei Deita (2019)

Not only filled with brilliant guitar-driven melodic passages, this outfit also throws in some Folk elements into the mix.

1. Lahmia - Resilience (2019)

Intense and expertly crafted, we were blown away by Lahmia's sophomore release. Top notch melodies and a great vibe all around this must-have release.


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