Trépas - L'héritage du monde (2019)


Hailing from Quebec, Canada, today we have Black Metal newcomer Trépas and their debut release “L'héritage du monde”. Delivering nearly 40 minutes of relentless frosty Black Metal, this outfit unleashes quite a solid initial effort. For those fans that like a good dose of melody mixed into their BM, the six tracks unleashed in this release will satisfy your cravings.

The band blasts away with the pummeling “Rivages Sombres”, a very punishing and engaging opening track. Perfectly balancing melodic guitars, blistering drums and harrowing harsh vocals, Trépas makes a very solid first impression. The sinister opening of “L'Aube”remind us of old-school Ancient and that melodic riffing with furious drumming from 90’s BM. The level of intensity in this track is perfect for a furious headbanging session, from start to end.

As the album title track rolls, we see the melancholic side of the band with a lush acoustic interlude before all hell breaks loose. This song showcases the band’s ravaging nature and songwriting craftsmanship to include some dreamier and Post-rock-ish elements into the mix. Clearly our favorite track in this release has to be the high-octane “Charognes” and its endless waves of sharp guitar riffs and throbbing bass guitar line. This track while more traditional, is one hell of an intense ride filled with furious intensity.

Immediately after the more melodic “Trépas”, the band closes with the more tempered “Errance”, showing a darker and yet intense side of the band. We particularly like the more exploratory and playful side of this song, mixed in with the band’s sinister musical core. Overall, “L'héritage du monde” is one hell of a release full of memorable moments (and riffs) that showcases the quality of bands coming out of Canada as of recent. Highly recommended album for fans of the genre looking for something a bit different and yet refined and punishing.

Band: Trépas Album: L'héritage du monde

Label: Sepulchral Productions

Release: December 5th, 2019

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Canada

Rating: 91/100

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