OAK - Lone (2019)


Unleashing one of the most monolithic Atmospheric Death/Doom releases of 2019, today we have Portugal’s OAK with “Lone”. Featuring four tracks and around 50 minutes of soul crushing music, this release highly recommended for fans of bands like Mournful Congregation, Shape of Despair and Ahab. Piercing through the listener’s psyche, this album is heavy and punishing, unlike anything else you will hear this year.

Slowly building up momentum with the gargantuan opening track “Sculptures”, this duo craft a very punishing atmosphere thanks to massive slow riffs and crushing growls. With a very mellow pace, this track crafts a mysterious cavernous atmosphere as the guitars unleash minimalist notes of desperation. Expertly crafting desolate passages, “Mirror” continues the funeral procession with more crushing guitar riffs and crafty drum patterns. The tracks’ catharsis is well earned and after a while of atmospherics the listener is treated to some truly haunting growling passages.

With the two slower tracks out of the way, “Abomination” has more of a traditional Death/Doom Metal edge with playful guitars and funky drumming. This track nicely breaks the monotony, while injecting another serious dose of punishing Doom riffs. Saving the faster piece for last, “Maze” dabbles more into old-school Death Metal with atmospheric touches, keeping things fresh and a bit chaotic to close up the release.

Overall, “Lone” is one hell of a punishing release that nicely introduces OAK to the genre. While releases like this require patience, the band does a pretty solid job in keeping things interesting and highly atmospheric to engulf the listener into their world. If you are on the hunt for a slow and heavy Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal release, be sure to give these guys a try.

Band: OAK Album: Lone

Label: Transcending Obscurity Records

Release: December 20th, 2019

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Genre: Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal

Country: Portugal

Rating: 91/100

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