Fen - The Dead Light (2019)


Now on a bigger label and with an organically evolved sound, today we have Fen’s debut release on Prophecy Productions titles “The Dead Light”. Featuring nearly an hour of dreamy Atmospheric Black Metal, the band continues to evolve with more proggy influences added to their already very distinctive aural identity. If you liked anything that the band has put out before, this release will surely propel the to higher levels thanks to its craftsmanship and atmospheric brilliance.

Opening with “Witness”, the listener is instantly immersed in the band’s world with subtle guitars and a very moody intro passage. As the track slowly picks up, we can feel a bit of a Lantlôs vibe created by the cascading guitars and somber clean vocals. As the two parts of the album title track come along, we get to hear a proggier side of the band with sweeping crafty passages that mix faster paced sections and crafty tempo changes. These two tracks have a certain vibe that can be compared to a version of Opeth playing Atmospheric Black Metal.

We particularly enjoy the band’s more mid tempo passages that are full of crafty guitars and lush vocal arrangements, like on the epic “Nebula”. Such elements allow Fen to create dramatic contrasts and excellent melodies that blend together, and tracks like “Labyrinthine Echoes” and “Exsanguination” are a nice example of this. The last track actually has some very unique moments that remind us a bit of Les Discrets. Thanks to an incredible production behind this release, every single layer and instrument shines, even in the most chaotic elements of faster paced pieces like “Breath of Void”.

Saving one of the dreamiest intros for last, “Rendered in Onyx” comes full circle with a bit of everything presented before on a nearly ten-minute rollercoaster of a song. Uniquely carving their musical path, Fen has always manage to consistently improve upon their previous release and “The Dead Light” is no exception. This album is a true gem in the genre and definitely a candidate for one of the best overall releases of 2019.

Band: Fen Album: The Dead Light

Label: Prophecy Productions

Release: December 6h, 2019

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Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal / Post-Black Metal

Country: UK

Rating: 95/100

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