Nachtig - Nachtig (2019)


Brilliantly blending elements of some of our favorite bands like Ellende, Advent Sorrow and Woods of Desolation, Nachtig unleashes an excellent self-titled debut release. As a one-man entity, helmed by V. V., this band delivers some of the most demoralizing and misery inducing 55 minutes we have heard in quite a long time.

After the traditional atmospheric opening, “Der Tag bricht an…” blasts away with harrowing vocals and that crispy metallic sounding guitar distortion we love from bands like Ellende. The song structure is perfectly designed for some furious headbanging passages through killer tempo changes. The moody “Der Kreis Des Sterbens” is our favorite track in this release, particularly the second half, where we get some truly depressive atmospherics that set Nachtig apart.

Instrumental breaks, like at the beginning of “Die Waldhexe” and “Der Todestanz” create a very powerful contrast between the pummeling aggressive sections and the more restrained and slow burning passages. Never feeling like the release is dragging, tracks like “Mein Grab” deliver new melodic structures to keep things fresh and within the band’s own sound parameters.

As the band closes with the more spacey “Der Letzte Weg”, we are quite enthralled with their solid take on the genre and very well defined personal identity. While there are tons of influences of other band’s present, Natchtig comes on top with a punishing and demoralizing sound of their own. Highly recommended release for any fan of Atmospheric or Depressive Black Metal releases.

Band: Nachtig Album: Nachtig

Label: Purity Through Fire

Release: October 31st, 2019

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Genre: Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 93/100

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