Avslut - Tyranni (2019)


Proving that their killer debut release was no fluke, today we have Sweden’s Avsult with “Tyranni”. Unleashing a demoralizing opus of 47 minutes of crushing Black Metal, this band combines old-school BM antics with a superb production and a thirst for blood. With a relentless attitude and the skills to deliver punishing aggression, this band is certainly one to keep following as their evolve their craft.

Opening in full force with the album title track, the listener is instantly immersed in the band’s aggressive sound. Pairing twing guitar assaults with relentless drumming, this outfit crafts a violent atmosphere with just a few moments to breathe. With a melodic core as their foundation, tracks like “Stigens ände” and “Likvidering” gives us flashbacks to Dark Funeral earlier years.

Crafting uniquely diabolical atmospheres, we particularly enjoy the mid-tempo passages of tracks like “Allt förgås” and the commanding “Den eviga flamman”. The interplay of the pummeling drums and the sickening vocals perfectly create a shroud of darkness around ravaging pieces like our favorite “Underjordens apostlar” and its crafty excruciating melodic interludes. Relying minimally on atmospheric gimmicks, the full potency of the band can be felt in tracks like “Pestens lärjungar”.

Closing with the ritualistic “Ändlöst slaveri” we are more than pleased that bands like Avslut continue to push the boundaries of traditional Black Metal with craftier guitar work and hellish arrangements. As a whole, “Tyranni” is definitely one of our top 10 BM releases of 2019, and everybody should pay attention and be on the lookout to see them bring their crushing sound to live rituals.

Band: Avslut Album: Tyranni

Label: Osmose Productions

Release: November 29th, 2019

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 93/100

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