Dimman - 152 (2019)


Because playing traditional Melodic Death Metal is just too easy, Finnish outfit Dimman throws some unique elements into the mix and creates a superbly catchy sound in “152”. Comparable to offerings by bands like Silent Descent, this EP present a refreshing take on the genre and showcases the quality of this promising band. If you like Melodic Death Metal and don’t mind a few extra added elements, this EP will surely surprise you.

Starting with the Turmion Kätilöt-esque “Capsized Reverie”, some people might be instantly put off, but it is just part of the band’s unique combination of elements to create a completely distinctive sound. After the initial show, this track is quite a Melodic DM staple with killer guitar leads and catchy passages. The mood suddenly turns dark and doomier with the album title track, filled with melancholic passages and dramatic piano sections.

The clean female vocals provided by Jenna Kohtala are quite a welcomed contrast to the harsh screams, and brilliantly carry songs like “Treason” into different territories. The way they mix with the guitar leads, it reminds us of Alas and their one-and-done release “Absolute Purity”. Showcasing more diversity and interesting ideas, “The History” is a nice instrumental piece to change things up.

As we close with “Entity” we have a more Gothic vibe, full of atmosphere as the song transitions to heavier passages of harsh vocals and catchy guitars. Perfectly framed by tight drums, this release is very well rounded and extremely promising. One minor drawback is that the release feels a bit disconnected as the band searches for their style, but we love the tracks individually. Overall, “152” is one hell of an EP that will turn some heads and hopefully Dimman gains more fans from it.

Band: Dimman Album: 152

Label: Inverse Records

Release: October 18th, 2019

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Genre: Melodic Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 90/100

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