Imber Luminis - Same Old Silences (2019)


Unleashing incomparable misery, today we have Belgium’s Imber Luminis and their latest full-length release “Same old Silences”. This one-man band from Déhà, of Clouds and SLOW fame, definitely creates one of the most oppressive and bleakest Atmospheric Black Metal atmospheres every recorded. While not technically complex or over the top, the masterful use of bleak keyboards paired with chaotic screams of desperation creates a very unique vibe that will crush your hopes and dreams.

Opening with the behemoth album title track, divided into three movements, the band unleashes 24 minutes of pure misery. Weaving back and forth between excruciatingly bleak passages of clean vocals and simple piano to inhuman growls and shrieks of desperation adorned by punishing riffs, this track completely transports the listener into the bowels of hell. The Doomy elements perfectly blend with the aggressive BM influences crafting a very powerful amalgamation of styles.

If the first track was not enough, “Silence” delivers a livelier outlook in its opening minutes, only to quickly spiral down into darkness. This track has a more Atmospheric/Post-Black Metal vibe as Déhà delivers waves of shrieks of desperation and an hypnotic guitar/drums core. We particularly enjoy when things get hectic and the clean vocals are introduced as a contrast. Perfectly crafted to slowly progress into dark corners, this track nicely delivers cathartic moments in its ‘short’ 17-minute duration.

We are huge suckers for killer atmospheres filled with bleakness and Imber Luminis manages to take those to a whole new level. The mixture of vocal styles, mournful riffs and the overall demoralizing vibe of “Same Old Silences” makes this one of the best releases in the genre…. ever. If you are a fan of bands like Lifelover, Psychonaut 4 and Totalselfhatred, this album will completely remove all what is left of your will to live.

Band: Imber Luminis Album: Same Old Silences

Label: Naturmacht Productions

Release: October 26th, 2019

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Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: Belgium

Rating: 95/100

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