The Deathtrip - Demon Solar Totem (2019)


As one of the most expected Black Metal releases of 2019, today we have The Deathtrip and their sophomore release “Demon Solar Totem”. Featuring the return of Kvohst on vocals, this is one album we have been waiting for, and it delivers and even surpases all expectations. Unleashing over 55 minutes of punishing eerie music, this release has a bit of everything for BM fans.

The album slowly builds up with the title track as the opener, featuring a throbbing bass guitar line from Thomas Eriksen (Mork) and the insanely hellish screams of Kvohst bringing back memories of his DHG times. Musically, there is a certain catchiness to the band’s pummeling sound, as you can hear in the opener and the more dynamic “Angel Fossils”. Staying away from Black’n’Roll and Melodic BM territories, the band’s melodic aspect shines with intricate compositions and furious riffing.

As the album evolves, the sonic landscape of the band’s music shifts to darker and more atmospheric tracks like “Enter Spectral Realms” and its throwback old-school BM antics, to the completely demoralizing “Surrender to a Higher Power” and its bone chilling clean vocal arrangements. Filled with versatility and great ideas, The Deathtrip’s songs are quite cohesive (signature style) and yet completely unique experiences. The perfect example of this is the ritualistic “Vintage Telepathy”, a track that is unlike no other in this release, but it still feels like the other ones.

Keeping that weird and diabolical vibe, “Abraxas Mirrors” is one of our favorite tracks thanks to the haunting vocal arrangements and the powerful-yet-simple guitar work. Closing with the chaotic and sinister “Awaking a New Maker”, we are left quite blown away by the quality of this release. “Demon Solar Totem” is full of punishing songs that are both devilish and highly atmospheric, creating a very unique vibe. If you like your Black Metal to be weird and creepy, The Deathtrip is the perfect band for you.

Band: The Deathtrip Album: Demon Solar Totem

Label: Svart Records / Profound Lore

Release: November 15th, 2019

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: International

Rating: 93/100

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