Dysangelium - Death Leading (2019)


Unleashing a bestial Black Metal release, today we have Germany’s Dysangelium and their commanding sophomore release “Death Leading”. Featuring pummeling guitars and hellish vocals, the band unleashes over 40 minutes of piercing music that is not for the weak of heart. With many bands focusing on being too ‘kvlt’, this outfit focuses on crafting a crushing sound that will haunt your dreams.

After building an eerie atmosphere with the opener instrumental, the riffing onslaught starts with “Fated”. With a certain old-school BM vibe, this track perfectly introduces the band’s oppressive sound and hyper drumming. Sektarist 0 vocals are quite firm and very fitting to the aggressive nature of the music. We particularly enjoy how the band weaves into their songs slower atmospheric passages, creating a piercing effect of clam in between aural assaults, like on “Homo Larvalis” and “The Great Work”.

Grabbing the listener by the throat, tracks like the album title song deliver waves of perfectly balanced brutality. The album’s production is quite exquisite as we can perfectly enjoy every single layer of the band’s massive sound, for example the dramatic bass guitar line of “Through Henbane Nebulah”. Our favorite track has to be the unnerving “Venus Inverse” and its dramatic combinations of intense tremolo picking and clean vocals, creating a very devilish ritualistic atmosphere.

Leaving no rest for the wicked, the band closes with the intense “When Death and Devil Rise”. Showcasing great talent and craftiness, Dysangelium manages to deliver a fatal blow with “Death Leading”. The band is primed to gain more exposure and be a force in the scene with this output. If you like firm and demoralizing Black Metal, this is one album you can’t afford to miss.

Band: Dysangelium Album: Death Leading

Label: World Terror Committee Productions

Release: October 5th 2019

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 93/100

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