Une Misère - Sermon (2019)


Raving everything on their path, today we have Iceland’s latest sensation: Une Misère. With a pummeling sound a certain knack for technical complexity, “Sermon” is one hell of a debut release from this exciting band. Perfectly designed for fans of Post-Hardcore/Metal release from bands like Amenra, Neurosis and their intersection with more modern/groove Metal influences from outfits like Gojira and Hacride.

Opening with the pummeling “Sin & Guilt”, the band means serious business with monstrous harsh screams and crushing guitars. The Grooviness of this release comes as the album title track unleashes its fury. The band does a great job in crafting powerful atmospheres with a few elements and keeps the listener always guessing with powerful tempo changes as we hear on “Overlooked / Disregarded” and “Burden / Suffering”.

Showcasing that they are more than one-dimensional, the clean vocals and melancholic vibe of “Fallen Eyes”, nicely changes the mood of the release as they recharge for more violent outburst of energy. While most bands these days focus on longer tracks, Une Misère levels their path with short but crushing songs like “Failures”, “Spiral” and the chaotic “Damages”.

As the album progresses and the moods go up and down, the band makes sure to close with the absolute brutality of “Voiceless”. Overall, Une Misère unleashes one of the most piercing and yet emotionally charged releases of 2019. Armed with a killer sound and great songwriting abilities, we can’t wait to hear the band live bringing that incredible energy to the stage.

Band: Une Misère Album: Sermon

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Release: November 1st, 2019

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Genre: Post-Hardcore/Groove Metal

Country: Iceland

Rating: 88/100

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