Aegrus - In Manus Satanas (2019)


Our favorite track is the dramatic tour-de-force “L’île des morts”, full of highly emotive atmospheric moments and soul crushing harsh vocals sections. The band is que proficient in setting a very engaging pace in their songs, allowing their musical artistry to be fully consumed by the listener. Evoking a feeling of wonder and amusement, “Le Miroir” is one of the band’s most accomplished and yet minimalist transition songs. Saving the dreamiest song for last, the album title track creates that magical feeling we have all felt when seeing the band live as they perform covered in fog as their shoegazing guitars fill the room with sound.

The pillaging starts with the relentless “Hymn To The Firewinged One”, a track that has a certain early Emperor/Limbonic Art vibe with its intense guitars and hellish vocals. The band’s no bullshit attitude oozes out of the magnificent “Nightspirit Theosis”, full of melody and aggression, making it one hell of a headbanging ride. The band continues to belt out pummeling tracks like “Gestalt of Perdition” and the somber “Ascending Shadows”, which features a darker and even doomier vibe. We enjoy how Aegrus does not stick to a single style and blends in a wide variety of elements in their crushing sound while never straying from the left hand path.

Never compromising and always keeping this violent and eerie, “Nemesis” and “The Black Wings Upon Me” are two perfect examples of ravaging songs that showcase the band’s versatility in terms of riffs and handling tempos. Formed by mostly members that are not in 100 other bands, like most Finnish musicians, it gives the band that edge that you haven’t quite hear what they are putting out as the members are mostly focused on this outfit.

Creating a very sinister and dark atmosphere, the album title track closes the release with intensity thanks to the blistering fast drumming and the intense guitar work. As a whole, “In Manus Satanas” is one hell of a release that should get more attention in the scene. With the countless amounts of Black Metal releases these years, it is quite rare to find such a polished and yet devastating release as this one. Keep an eye out for Aegrus as they have the creativity and musicianship to stand out from the rest.

Band: Aegrus Album: In Manus Satanas

Label: Saturnal Records

Release: October 11th, 2019

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 92/100

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