Kadavar - For the Dead Travel Fast (2019)


As one of the most intense and authentic (modern) Psychedelic Rock bands we have ever seen, Kadavar continues to propel themselves to the top with killer releases. “For the Dead Travel Fast” is yet another highlight in their storied career, filled with over 45 minutes of fantastic and engaging music. If you like riff-driven releases Rock releases, this album will satisfy your quota… for a few years. With this highly creative and moody release, the band reaches new heights.

Starting off with the chilling-eerie intro “The End”, the band sets a very moody vibe that fully unravels with “The Devil's Master”. This last track perfectly combines fuzzy guitars, funky vocal arrangements and a very martial pace that slowly builds up. The Psychedelic brilliance of “Evil Forces” makes it one of the band’s most engaging and retro sounding tracks, thanks to a very natural and authentic old-school vibe. We are fans of more mysterious tracks, like the dramatic “Children of the Night” and it's very atmospheric vibe mixed with killer guitar leads and a pulsating bass guitar line.

For those fans of acts like Jess and the Ancient Ones, Purson, Sabbath Assembly, “Dancing with the Dead” creates a very mellow dark and yet uplifting retro vibe that is quite unique and engaging. However, the band never loses its edge and intensity with songs like “Poison” and “Demons in My Mind”. Showcasing their more somber side, “Saturnales” is a perfectly placed track that shifts the album’s momentum in order to showcase the band’s versatility and prepare the listener for the closer.

The last track in this album is the heavier and Doomier “Long Forgotten Song”, which features punishing distorted riffs and a very oppressive atmosphere, traditional of Doom/Stoner Rock releases. We greatly enjoy how the vocals add that layer of mystery and playfulness to the track. As a whole, “For the Dead Travel Fast” unleashes Kadavar at its best, delivering endless riffs and psychedelic atmospheric. We have been big fans of the band since ‘discovering’ them at Roadburn a few years ago, and we have never been disappointed by anything they have released yet.

Bands: Kadavar Album: For the Dead Travel Fast

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Release: October 11th, 2019

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Genre: Psychedelic/Stoner Rock

Country: Germany

Rating: 94/100

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