Vinsta - Drei Deita (2019)


Unleashing a truly unique release, today we have Austria’s Vinsta and their full-length release “Drei Deita”. Perfectly blending Folk elements into and engaging Progressive/Melodic Death Metal core, this band delivers a very interesting and harmonious sound. With nearly 50 minutes of music, we are treated to brilliant melodic passages, catchy riffs, and dreamy parts. Imagine a mixture of Insomnium with Opeth and the Folky edge of early Kauan.

After the traditional instrumental intro, “Weisse Deckn” creates a very lively and ethereal atmosphere with the contrast of dreamy vocals and powerful guitars. This track also introduces the band’s folkier side with lush violins in a very dramatic melodic passage. Weaving back and forth between their two main styles, tracks like “Oafocha Loda” nicely build up the atmosphere and reach its crescendo with crushing guitars and harsh vocals.

The album gives us tracks like “Raunocht” and “Fiachtn” that are both heavy and punishing while always being melodically masterful. We particularly enjoy how the band transitions from killer headbanging passage into atmospheric brilliance seamlessly. For those looking for a Tenhi/Empyrium-esque experience, the album title track is the closest you will get with a very somber atmosphere and an intoxicating bass guitar line. If we had to pick the track that is the most characteristic of the band’s unique style, we would select the excellent “Tiafn”.

As the album eases into the night with “Einklong”, we are quite satisfied with how original and different “Drei Deita” is. We receive hundreds of promos a month and Vinsta manages to clearly standout from the rest with their excellent musicianship and expert songwriting skills. If you are looking for something superbly atmospheric and melodic, but still need a bit of a kick in terms of heavy guitars and harsh vocals, look no more and get a copy of this release.

Band: Vinsta Album: Drei Deita

Label: Trollmusic

Release: October 18th, 2019

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Genre: Progressive/Melodic Death Metal / Folk

Country: Austria

Rating: 92/100

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