Ossuaire - Derniers Chants (2019)


Continuing their takeover of the Canadian Black Metal scene, today we have Ossuaire and their second full-length release of 2019: “Derniers Chants”. Delivering over 45 minutes of neck-snapping music, this band continues to punish their listeners with a barrage of riffs and hellish vocals. If “Premiers chants” was not enough, this release will surely satisfy your cravings for nihilistic BM thanks to the band’s direct and pummeling style. Any fan of the genre must not miss out on such a monumental release.

The savagery starts with the intense “Pestilence Rampante”, a track that starts with punishing guitars and never lets go. The band’s sound is quite massive and ravaging, allowing all elements to be nicely channeled to blow your eardrums apart. As impressive as any other Norwegian or Finnish Black Metal band, Ossuaire excels in crafting brutal tracks like the pummeling “À l'ombre du Très-Haut” and it's perfect balance of intense riffs and mid-tempo rhythmic drumming.

Focusing more on creating an oppressive atmosphere, “Sous l'Autel des immaculés” slowly builds up to passages of pure madness and intensity, perfectly combined with more melodic onslaughts. For those looking to furiously headbang, around the five minute mark of this last track, we get some epic melodic passages. After breaking up the pace with an instrumental, the band unleashes the 11-minute behemoth “L'oeil-sang”, a slow burning track that creates a truly sinister vibe, full of funky tempo changes and hellish screams.

As the album closes with the moody “Derniers chants (Un monde dépourvu de Dieu)”, the band has managed to unleash yet another excellent full-length release. It is very clear that Ossuaire is truly a creative force to be reckoned with, since very few bands can claim they released to killer albums in one year. Completely recommended for fans of Black Metal, ranging from Watain, Nightbringer, to rawer territories like Sargeist, Behexen and Horna.

Band: Ossuaire Album: Derniers Chants

Label: Sepulchral Productions

Release: October 15th, 2019

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Canada

Rating: 96/100

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