Pencey Sloe - Don’t Believe, Watch Out (2019)


With a knack to uncovering and promoting highly unique and melancholic bands, Prophecy Productions present us with their latest signing: Pencey Sloe. Hailing from Paris, France, this Shoegaze trio delivers nearly 50 minutes of highly dreamy music that will set you on a hypnotic trance from start to end. “Don’t Believe, Watch Out” is one of those releases that are magical from the first note, so if you are a fan of outfits like Slowdie, Les Discrets and Alcest, but tend to lean into their softer and dreamier side, this is a release for you.

Opening their debut full-length with the lush “Lust of the Dead”, you instantly know the band means serious business. Their sound is utterly intoxicating as the dreamy guitars surround Diane Pellotieri captivating voice. Slowly building up to majestic crescendos, tracks like “Buried Them All” and “All Ok” perfectly create a drifting atmosphere that is ethereal and appeasing. The playful album title track has a certain darker edge that slowly turns bright as the subtle percussions interweave back and forth between shoegazing guitars and haunting vocals.

If you aren't already fully immersed into the band’s sound, “Gold and Souls” and “Sins” will fully swallow you into Pencey Sloe’s vibe. Changing things up a bit, the acoustic guitars of “It Follows”, make it a very unique and relaxing track. After the closer “17 Springs” we are left disarmed by the brilliant combination of the (seemingly) fragile voice of Diane and its contrast with Valentin Beaucourt’s guitars and Clément Baptiste​ subtle drumming.

Overall, “Don’t Believe, Watch Out" is one hell of an ethereal and dreamy release that should not go unnoticed. Any fan of Shoegaze and even the lighter side of Post-Rock should know who Pencey Sloe is. If you are looking for mellow, dramatic and disarming music, look no further and get yourself a copy of this gem.

Band: Pencey Sloe Album: Don’t Believe, Watch Out

Label: Prophecy Productions

Release: September 27th, 2019

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Genre: Shoegaze

Country: France

Rating: 92/100

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