Blut Aus Nord - Hallucinogen (2019)


The ever changing Blut Aus Nord returns with their most impressive release to date with “Hallucinogen”. Everybody knows the band’s releases always push sonic boundaries, but with this opus, Vindsval and W.D. Feld take their sound to completely new cosmic dimensions. For over 48 minutes of music the band explores uniquely melancholic and ethereal territories with an interesting blend of lush atmospherics and intricate guitar work. Unless something drastically changes, we can almost be sure that this album will be our top release of 2019.

Opening with the mesmerizing “Nomos Nebuleam”, the band sets a very dreamy and highly atmospheric mood. The dramatic guitar work perfectly blending with the intense drumming to create a very powerful vibe. Combining the intensity of Progenie Terrestre Pura and the sci-fi-esque edge of Frozen Ocean, Blut Aus Nord crafts some very intense moments on tracks like “Nebeleste” that are both punishing and highly inspired. The clean vocal arrangements are quite unique and adds to the music’s overall weirdness and atmosphere.

We are enthralled with the lead guitar on tracks like “Sybelius”, were they just seem to weep to create a very intoxicating atmosphere. Not backing down from the basics of Black Metal, this track features very unique riffing that sounds familiar, but put in a completely different context. Our favorite track in this release has to be the extremely melancholic “Mahagma”, a song that is full of dreamy vocal arrangements and a sense of urgency unlike none other. We particularly like the way more simple and rawer passages are intertwined together to create a truly catchy and energizing experience.

Featuring a certain Proggy/Psychedelic edge to it, “Haallucinählia” is yet another very unique and mesmerizing track that takes a few listens to fully dismantle and digest. The album closes with the intricate “Cosma Procyiris” and we can’t wait to play it over again. Blut Aus Nord have managed to outdo themselves with “Hallucinogen” and that is a very high bar to set. Be prepared for one hell of a dissonant atmospheric musica ride that while being unfamiliar, you will still find the band’s staples in different shapes.

Band: Blut Aus Nord Album: Hallucinogen

Label: Debemur Morti Productions

Release: September 20th, 2019

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Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: France

Rating: 97/100

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