Vorna - Sateet palata saavat (2019)


Always surprising us with their excellent taste in music, LifeForce Records is prepared to unleash “Sateet palata saavat”, Finland’s Vorna’s latest effort. Magically combining elements of Folk/Pagan/Black Metal in a very atmospheric palette of sounds, this release delivers over 50 minutes of superbly melodic music. The closest band to Vorna’s sound that comes to mind has to be Eternal Tears of Sorrow and their highly diverse sound. This should let you know you are in for a treat with this album.

After the traditional mood setting intro, “Toinen” delivers the first onslaught of atmospheric brilliance. Creating a very moody and mystical atmosphere, the band pummels the listener with superb drumming, heavy riffs, and harsh vocals. The swings between lush melodic keyboard arrangements, harsh/clean vocals, and intense riffing, are just magical, creating a very immersive and engaging experience as heard on both “Toinen” and “Syvyydet”.

The album settles into more melodic territories with the dramatic “Sydäntalven puut”, and our favorites: “Maa martona makaa” and “Aalloista”. These two tracks deliver an excellent combination of powerful riffs, over the top atmospheric keyboards and crafty guitar work, creating an awesome atmosphere and pumping it with contrasting tempo changes. Using clean and harsh vocals gives the music that extra dimension to stay fresh and keep the listener always engaged and guessing what is coming next.

The band seemed to have been saving the best for last, with the killer guitar leads of “Virvatulet”, the relentless intensity of “Tyhjyys on tyyni” and the melancholic brilliance of “Sateet”. As you can read, the band weaves back and forth between multiple styles, tempos, and moods, creating a very powerful and engaging release with “Sateet palata saavat”. The members of Vorna have created a very unique and engaging sound, that while hard to pin down, it gives the listener tons to explore and be blown away by.

Band: Vorna Album: Sateet palata saavat

Label: LifeForce Records

Release: September 27th, 2019

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Genre: Folk/Pagan/Black Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 93/100

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