Capilla Ardiente - The Siege (2019)


Hailing from Chile, today we have Epic Doom Metal outfit Capilla Ardiente and their sophomore full-length release “The Siege”. Perfectly aimed at those Candlemass, Saint Vitus and Solitude Aeturnus fans, this album unleashes over 45 minutes of pummeling riffs, moody vocals and an overall crushing atmosphere.

Side A of the release starts with “The Open Arms, the Open Wounds”, a very traditional Doom song that starts with one of the most typical riffs in the genre and quickly morphs into heavier territories. The dual guitar onslaught of Julio Bórquez (lead) and Igor Leiva (rhythm) allows for very engaging and powerful combinations, keeping tracks heavy and fun. “The Crimson Fortress” delivers more waves of distortion amidst crafty drumming and a powerful bass guitar line, giving it a certain old-school vibe.

Side B starts heavier than usual with the punishing “The Spell of Concealment”, and its crafty guitar leads. Felipe Plaza Kutzbach mournful vocals perfectly complement the intricate tempo changes and overall raw power of the band’s sound. Closing with the playful “Fallen Alphas and the Rising Omega”, the band cements their claim to one of the most promising bands in the genre with yet another crafty and engaging song.

For fans of Epic Doom Metal, “The Siege” is one hell of an album filled with pummeling riffs and dramatic vocal arrangements. With a very dark and powerful atmosphere, this release does not need anything beyond the basic core instruments to shine and engage the listener. Capilla Ardiente is definitely firing on all cylinders in their sophomore release, crafting engaging and never dull long songs that perfectly represent the genre and the band’s creativity.

Band: Capilla Ardiente Album: The Siege

Label: High Roller Records

Release: September 13th, 2019

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Genre: Epic Doom Metal

Country: Chile

Rating: 91/100

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