Mgła - Age of Excuse (2019)


After conquering the world of Black Metal in the last few years, enigmatic entity Mgła return with an expertly crafted release with “Age of Excuse”. Delivering a masterclass of riffing and pacing finesse, this album unleashes over 42 minutes of blistering music that any fan of the genre will be extremely appreciative of. The band’s ability to deliver intense and direct music to their audiences is unrivaled and with this release they further refine their trade.

The band wastes no time as track “I” delivers the first blow of intricate riffs and punishing drumming. With a superb metallic sounding distortion, the band feels above the traditional raw and harsh sounding bands, favoring a more refined and elegant delivery. Presented with incredible poise and restraint, “II” and “III” warm up the listener with countless intricate tempo changes and crafty arrangements.

Lifting off to a completely new level of BM magic, “IV” signals a slight change into more melodic territories without changing intensity or the mystical intricacies of the band’s music. With M. handling all guitars and vocals, tracks like “V” are crafted to perfection, allowing the band’s sinister guitar sound to fully envelope the listener before delivering the final blow with bursts of aggression.

Closing with the majestic “VI”, the underrated drumming of Darkside is nicely highlighted with an exciting and crafty opening. Brilliantly crafted to keep the listener headbanging from start to end, “Age of Excuse” continues Mgła’s path of delivering brutality and unrivaled finesses on the same package. If you like aggressive Black Metal that is expertly crafted and highly refined, look no further and check out this killer album.

Band: Mgła Album: Age of Excuse

Label: Northern Heritage Records

Release: September 2nd, 2019

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Poland

Rating: 95/100

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