Bhleg & Nechochwen - Split (2019)


We rarely review Split releases and EP’s, but with this one we had to make an exception. Featuring two extraordinary Folk Metal artists, Nordvis Produkt unleashes one hell of a split release that will captivate the listener. One band hailing from Sweden, the other from North America, however there is an unwritten cohesion behind both band’s approach at making lush and engaging songs.

Side A of this split contains “Sorlande Sky”, a 7 minute song that expertly crafts a very intense and misty atmosphere. The harsh screams are nicely contrasted by dreamy clean vocals and as the song delivers punishing riffs and fast drumming. The track ends on a very hypnotic note and it seems to very nicely bleed into Side B’s music.

Nechowen’s sound is a bit more clean and better defined, allowing them to have a certain early Borknagar/Ulver vibe thanks to their metallic folkiness. For nearly six minutes the band goes back and forth between acoustic guitars, vocal melodies and some crushing heavy passages, all blending in mastefully.

The overall vibe in this Split release is quite nice and lively, allowing the listener to discover two very unique bands that have much more to offer. We are looking forward to Bhleg’s latest full-length in September and to be able to explore Nechochwen back catalogue. Highly recommended for people looking into expanding their musical horizons and picking up a few new favorite bands.

Bands: Bhleg / Nechochwen Album: Split

Label: Nordvis Produktion

Release: May 31st, 2019

Bhleg / Nechochwen

Genre: Folk Metal

Country: Sweden / USA

Rating: 88/100

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