Aureole - Alunar (2019)


Backed by a killer production, “Wanderers” is one hell of a great sounding quality Symphonic Metal album. We have been huge fans of the band since their early days and all the line-up changes, however, with this release they show they are back, firing on all cylinders and the scene better watch out for them. If you like expertly crafted Symphonic Metal songs that are both intense and highly emotional, look no further and give Visions of Atlantis a chance.

The album kicks off with the haunting “I: Citadel Alunar”, a track that slowly builds up momentum with its mellow riffs and hellish screams. Perfectly mixing dramatic synths with tense drone-ish moments, this track creates a chilling vibe. In tracks like “II: The Voice of Nebular Flame” and “III: The Senility of the Hourglass”patience rewards the listener with slow and intricate build-ups and crafty transitions.

Track “IV: Crusade of NGC 5128” features a heavier and more ravaging atmosphere with powerful riffs and hypnotic drumming. This song has more of a punch and yet the immersive atmosphere prevails over the Black Metal elements. Easing out the listener back into the real world, “V: Alunar, Decrepit…” feels like an endless fall within a dream. We like how this song on repeat makes hours pass by like seconds.

Overall, “Alunar” is a very solid Atmospheric/Ambient Black Metal release that develops at its own pace, but never fails to deliver. If you are leaning more into Ambient type of releases, Aureole will never disappoint you. However, if you are looking for ravaging and more intense music, go and check out Lustre and similar outfits. Prophecy productions did a great job with exposing more people to this majestic release, so there is no excuse not to check it out.

Bands: Aureole Album: Alunar

Label: Prophecy Productions

Release: August 16th, 2019

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Genre: Atmospheric/Ambient Black Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 88/100

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