Dold Vorde Ens Navn - Gjengangere i hjertets mørke (2019)


Featuring members and ex-members of bands like Satyricon, Ulver, Dødheimsgard and Ved Buens Ende, Dold Vorde Ens Navn is a Norwegian super band playing some truly unique retro Black Metal. Featuring four tracks and around 20 minutes of music, “Gjengangere i hjertets morke” has that raw old-school vibe of Norwegian Black Metal from the 90’s and its brilliant naivety.

Opening with the bizarreness of “Den Ensomme Dod”, we are reminded of the days of Ved Buens Ende and Fleurety. The guitars are powerful and the Norwegian BM core is there, but the odd clean vocals and funky tempos allow the song to create a very unique and haunting atmosphere. The band’s Black Metal pedigree is clearly present as “Drukkenskapens Kirkegard” unleashes its fury.

The intensity continues with the whirlwind “Vitnesbyrd”, our favorite track of the EP. The sinister atmosphere in this track is truly haunting. The very elegantly crafted interlude with acoustic guitars and somber keyboards, is perfectly contrasted with vicious riffing and intense drumming. Closing with the sheer power and magic of “Blodets Hvisken”, we are left quite excited about what is to come from this unique band. If you like 90’s Norwegian Black Metal, but the more exotic and experimental one, you will certainly love Dold Vorde Ens Navn and their “Gjengangere i hjertets mørke” EP.

Bands: Dold Vorde Ens Navn Album: Gjengangere i hjertets mørke

Label: Soulseller Records

Release: September 13th, 2019

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Norway

Rating: 93/100

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