Visions of Atlantis - Wanderers (2019)


Opening with “Renegades - A Lost Generation”, we get a Wintersun-esque oriental-influenced opening that transforms into a full on headbanging jam. The band’s style is as catchy as always, but quite different. The dramatic keyboards and catchy riffs are quite engaging and powerful. Mixing in some clean vocals and epic chorus sections, “Tornado” continues with a high-octane vibe and very polished melodic arrangements. With “Himmel Und Feuer” the band keeps up the lively atmosphere with yet another hyper catchy tune that will be stuck in your head for days to come. Just think of a mixture of Laibach, Wintersun and hints of VNV Nation mixed together.

The album starts very strong with the lush “Release My Symphony”, the longest and most dramatic song in this release. We particularly love the mood changes throughout the song and the very engaging chorus section. Having a certain early Nightwish vibe, the album is designed to highlight the masterful orchestrations and vocals. As tracks like “Heroes of the Dawn” and “A Journey to Remember” make their way, the band nicely plays with the level of intensity of the music, allowing listeners to settle into the journey brought forth in this release.

We have a weak spot for Symphonic/Power Metal ballads, and “Nothing Lasts Forever” and “Into The Light” are definitely two of our favorites in the last few years. The guitar work of Christian Douscha nicely blends with the piano and vocal melodies to create two very mellow and engaging tracks. The overall feel of the album is quite uplifting and dynamic, allowing the band to play on their strenghts but also explore new territories, like on the song “At the End of the World”.

Backed by a killer production, “Wanderers” is one hell of a great sounding quality Symphonic Metal album. We have been huge fans of the band since their early days and all the line-up changes, however, with this release they show they are back, firing on all cylinders and the scene better watch out for them. If you like expertly crafted Symphonic Metal songs that are both intense and highly emotional, look no further and give Visions of Atlantis a chance.

Bands: Visions of Atlantis Album: Wanderers

Label: Napalm Records

Release: August 30th, 2019

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Genre: Symphonic Metal

Country: Austria

Rating: 92/100

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