Memoriam - Requiem for Mankind (2019)


Continuing their prolific trayectory, UK’s Memoriam unleashes their third full-length release “Requiem for Mankind” this June. Formed by members and ex-members of some of the finest British DM bands like Benediction and Bolt Thrower, this band plays straight up no bullshit old-school Death Metal. Delivering over 45 minutes of crushing music, the band perfectly pays homage to their roots, while crafting some brilliant moshing and headbanging moments.

The album kicks off with the chugging riffs of “Shell Shock”, an old-school track filled with heavy guitars and the characteristic raspy growls of frontman Karl Willetts. With a nice melodic edge to it, this opener nicely leads into the catchiness of songs like “Undefeated”, “Never the Victim” and the pummeling “Austerity Kills”, which brings back memories of our 90’s Death Metal cassette collection and band like Unleashed, Grave and Entombed.

By the time we hit “In the Midst of Desolation” and “Refuse to be Led”, we are in need of a bit of a change of pace, something which nicely occurs with the Pantera-esque “The Veteran”, probably the catchiest song in this release. Closing the album with timeless songs like the title track and “Fixed Bayonetes”, we are nicely amused on how the band keeps it real and delivers a very solid and consistent release.

Overall, “Requiem for Mankind” is a pretty solid album for people that like this timeless sound and do not expect much variations from it. Memoriam manages to craft ten very solid tracks that are both catchy and powerful, making it hard not to enjoy such a fulminating release. If you are a fan of old-school Death Metal and want something new in your shelf, check out this powerful release.

Bands: Memoriam Album: Requiem for Mankind

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Release: June 21st, 2019

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Genre: Death Metal

Country: UK

Rating: 88/100

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