Myrath - Shehili (2019)


Hailing from Tunisia, Myrath has gained popularity and critical acclaim thanks to their very lively Progressive Metal sound beautifully adorned with Middle Eastern Folk elements. Gradually refining their style and songwriting skills, with “Shehili” the band delivers one of their most complete and fun albums to date. Featuring over 47 minutes of superb music presented in 12 lush tracks, the band creates a very unique and engaging atmosphere that is hard to imitate.

After setting a very mystical and exotic mood with the intro “Asl”, the band fully shines with the dramatic “Born to Survive”. Providing a cinematic experience, Myrath quickly immerses the listener into their own world. Not used only as a gimmick, the band’s unique Middle Eastern elements are ingrained into the music’s DNA, like on the dramatic percussions and keyboards of “You’ve Lost Yourself”, or the tempo and adornments of “Dance”, and the soaring vocal arrangements of “Wicked Dice”. Similarly to Orphaned Land, the band perfectly brings something from their culture and heritage into their music, creating a very lively and engaging sound.

The ritualistic percussions of “Monster in My Closet”, make for a very unique backdrop to an otherwise excellent Power Metal piece filled with killer guitar leads and dramatic vocals. One of our favorite tracks has to be the magical “Lili Twil”, a track that feels quite epic and very adventurous with its soaring guitar melodies and intoxicating pace. Those looking for dramatic songs, it does not get any better than the mesmerizing “Stardust”, another one of our favorite songs.

Closing with the Therion-esque album title track, we are left quite enchanted with the band’s evolution and how rich and diverse their sound is. With “Shehili”, Myrath has not only managed to improve upon their previous album, but to create a nearly impossible standard. All of the band’s signature elements are more grandiose than ever, and when paired with masterful songwriting skills you get a brilliant release like this one. Totally recommended for any fan of Progressive Metal that likes some uniqueness in their music.

Bands: Myrath Album: Shehili

Label: earMusic

Release:May 3rd, 2019

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Genre: Symphonic/Power Metal

Country: Tunisia

Rating: 94/100

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