Oceanwake - Lights Flashing in Mute Scenery (2019)


Unleashing a truly unique amalgamation of Doom Metal with Progressive/Post-Metal influences, today we have Oceanwake and their latest opus “Lights Flashing in Mute Scenery”. For 45 minutes this outfit delivers seven tracks filled with traditional elements unconventionally arranged. Particularly appealing for those of us that like to be challenged by music, this release has a high replay value as you will always discover something new with each listen.

The album starts with the dreamy intro to “Radiant Nightbreak”, which transforms into a moody clash between clean and harsh vocals. With crushing riffs and a very depressive atmosphere, the album continues with “The Occult”, a piece that starts heavier and then it turns into a lush atmospheric Post-Rock-ish composition, only to close strong with a crushing Post-Metal/Hardcore onslaught.

With “Season of the Rain”, “Currents” and “Travelogue”, the band heads into a more experimental and somewhat improvisational territories with trippy percussions and highly emotional vocal lines. As you can probably read, the release is far from being dull as each track showcases the band’s versatility. For those looking for more traditional Doom songs, “Titanomachia” is a great example of the band’s skills.

Closing with the dreamy “Posthuma”, we are left very pleased as to how the band continues to shift their sound from song to song and yet leave the listener with a cohesive feeling of their own style. If you like traditional Doom Metal, growls and other more melancholic outfits like Decoryah, Fall of the Leafe and The Man-Eating Tree, this this release will be right up your alley. Oceanwake has a very unique melancholic style that very few bands manage to pull off without getting too dull and falling into repetitive patterns.

Bands: Oceanwake Album: Lights Flashing in Mute Scenery

Label: LifeForce Records

Release:April 26th, 2019

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Genre: Progressive Death/Doom Metal/Post-Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 93/100

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