Erancnoir - Erancnoir (2019)


It is not very usual to receive promos from bands from countries like Iran, so today we are quite excited to review Erancnoir’s self-titled third full-length release. This one-man outfit delivers over 40 minutes of punishing Atmospheric Black Metal with similarities to bands like NONE and Lustre. With a thunderous approach to the genre, this release is certainly a very interesting contribution to the genre that fans should not miss out on.

With only two tracks covering the album’s duration, the first piece clocks in at 25 minutes and it is certainly a punishing and excruciating journey through dark and sinister worlds. This title track slowly builds up into hellish shrieks of pain and droning riffs that increase in intensity. The atmospheric keyboards are subtle enough to create a magical aura and perfectly complement a ravagingly raw musical core.

On the second song, “Mehr”, we again start slowly and progress into Burzum-esque territories filled with pummeling drumming and creepy atmospherics. While the vocals are as hellish as you could want them, the synths give a very unique feel of hope shining through a demoralizing and bleak atmosphere. The band handles the pacing of sections in the song quite well, with some very timely arranged changes in intensity and shifts in focus between the raw guitar sound and the atmospheric elements.

As a whole, “Erancnoir” is one hell of a violent release with lush atmospherics to captivate the listeners. This young, one-man outfit manages to deliver a very cohesive and abusive sound that other bands take years of perfecting their trade to achieve. If you like savagely intense atmospheric Black Metal, be sure to get a copy of this through Morrowless Music.

Bands: Erancnoir Album: Erancnoir

Label: Morrowless Music

Release:April 12th, 2019

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Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: Iran

Rating: 91/100

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