Dead to a Dying World - Elegy (2019)


After taking the scene by surprise with their amazing sophomore release “Litany”, Dead to a Dying World is back after four years with an even more impressive and masteful release with “Elegy”. Perfectly blending elements of Doom/Sludge/Black Metal with very emotional vocals and dramatic viola arrangements, this band crafts a very unique sound that is both intoxicating and ravaging. Focusing on creating immersive atmospheres and melodramatic moods, this outfit has created a near perfect release.

Opening with the dreamy western-eques “Syzygy”, the band creates a very martial and enigmatic end-of-time mood. Quickly shifting into 5th gear, “The Seer’s Embrace” delivers crafty guitar riffs and intense vocal arrangements. The mixture of heavy guitars and viola sounds a lot like late 90’s band Forty Days Longing, as it creates a very unique and powerful contrast. The band focuses on crafting unique melodic passages, as this track evolves into many different up and down moods.

The folky opener of “Vernal Equinox” is made even more dramatic thanks to angelic clean female vocals and the somber viola lines. This track has a deep Doomy vibe that we can’t just shake, enchanting us into listening to this song in repeat for a few hours at a time. Having created a very disarming and depressive mood, “Empty Hands, Hollow Hymns” picks up the pace with heavier riffs, a solid duet between female and male harsh vocals and moody tempo changes. The band excels at crafting unique songs that take the listener through multiple styles and moods in a short period of time.

Closing with the monumental “Of Moss and Stone”, the band creates a very emotionally charged atmosphere which is slowly unraveled in bursts of fast-paced sections a mysteriously eerie interlude. As a whole, “Elegy” is a release full of mood swings that will keep the listener engaged and always guessing. The band’s style incorporates a lot of different influences into a rich melting pot of complexity and mystery. Improving in every aspect since their last effort, Dead to a Dying World is an extremely unique band that should not be ignored.

Bands: Dead to a Dying World Album: Elegy

Label: Profound Lore Records

Release:April 19th, 2019

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Genre: Atmospheric Doom/Sludge/Black Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 97/100

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