Úir - Óenach Tailten (2019)


We receive over 40 album submissions each weak, so it is quite tricky to find what exactly to listen to and what to unfortunately discard. Luckily for us, we recently stumbled upon Úir’s second EP titled “Óenach Tailten”. Creating a very unique and dense Atmospheric Black Metal sound, this EP delivers three brilliant tracks that showcase the band’s raw power and boundless talent. Featuring members of unique bands like Haar and Úlfarr, this outfit is a band to keep an eye out for.

Opening with the sinister riffing of “V.S.F.P.A.”, the band sets a very hypnotic and cavernous early mood with a slow build-up. With a very martial pace, this track delivers powerful distorted guitars intertwined with a playful bass guitar line and hellish Watain-esque screams. After a devilish opener, the metalic sound of the guitars opening “Deiwos” is just perfect. This track turns a bit more hectic with a more defined wall of sound and ravaging onslaughts of total madness, thanks to the versatility of the vocals, which sound very mournful and haunting at times.

This short release closes with the enigmatic “Duinbrunde”, another very mysterious and expertly crafted layer full of atmospheric details and a chilling vibe. We particularly enjoy the gut wrenching vocals, similar to a more restrained rendition of Bethlehem vocals in their “Dictius Te Necare” era, but equally chilling and disturbing. Overall, “Óenach Tailten” is one hell of a release that instantly made us go out and buy ourselves a physical copy for our collection. If you like complexly layered Black Metal with a heavy emphasis on atmosphere and punishing vocals, this is the EP for you.

Bands: Úir Album: Óenach Tailten

Label: Pest Productions

Release: February 18th, 2019

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Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: Poland

Rating: 92/100

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