Eluveitie - Ategnatos (2019)


Unleashing one of the most lively and engaging Folk Metal releases of 2019, today we have the legendary Eluveitie with “Ategnatos”. With the ‘new’ band members settled, this release delivers a more cohesive and in a certain way exploratory sound that further improves the band’s catchiness with more upbeat and exciting elements. Featuring over 60 minutes of music, this is a release that all fans of the band will love and enjoy.

Leading with the album title track, the band quickly starts telling their story and sets a very ‘medieval’ mood with their lush instrumentation, rich vocal arrangements and powerful distorted guitars. The band’s uncanny abilities to perfectly mix their Melodic Metal side with intricate arrangements of folk instruments is top not as we can hear in the multi-faceted “Deathwalker”. For those looking for the folkier side of things, this release does not disappoint with excellent tracks like “Black Water Dawn”, “The Silvern Glow” and “Trinoxtion”.

The album’s catchiest and most engaging song has to be the brilliant “Ambiramus”, were Fabienne Erni’s vocals perfectly shine on top of crafty instrumentation and a very memorable chorus section. Unlike other Folk Metal bands, Eluveitie never compromises in the heaviness of their songs, delivering quite intense tracks like “Mine i the Fury”, The Slumber” and “Worship” in back to back fashion. Our second favorite track is the melodramatic “Breath” and its lush vocal arrangements perfectly paired with flutes guitar solos.

Closing with the killer intensity of “Rebirth” and the moody atmospherics of “Eclipse”, Eluveitie has managed, once again, to deliver an album on their signature style but not sound repetitive or tiresome. With “Ategnatos” the band continues to evolve under the expert guidance of Chrigel Glanzmann and his endless creativity. If you like the band’s previous efforts, this one should be easy to get into, and if you have never heard of the before, this is the perfect album to start with.

Bands: Eluveitie Album: Ategnatos

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Release:April 5th, 2019

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Genre: Folk Metal

Country: Switzerland

Rating: 90/100

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