Bergraven - Det framlidna minnet (2019)


Truly experimental experimental releases that are cohesive and engaging are hard to find. Luckily, today we have Bergraven and their masterfully chaotic release “Det framlidna minnet”. Completely pushing the sonic boundaries of Folk and Black Metal, this album delivers eight tracks and over 54 minutes of maddening jazzy music that is not for the faint of heart. Similar to band’s like Furze, Virus, Code and DHG, this outfit delivers truly mesmerizing music.

Opening with a trippy psychedelic intro, the band slowly eases the listener into their decadent world with “Allt”. This track unleashes harsh screams paired with proggy riffs and chaotic tempo changes, in a very jazzy and moody atmosphere. We are sucker for jazzy songs and “Den följsamma plågan” is an absolutely brilliant one, filled with lush string and wind instrumental arrangements, which are perfectly offset by funky guitars and harsh screams.

Hitting their stride, the band unleashes magical madness with songs like “Minnets melankoli” and its convoluted tempo changes, “Leendet av hans verk” with its folky opener and depressive atmosphere, and the more straightforward “Den dödes stigar”. This last track has a vintage Pagan/Folk Metal vibe mixed in with old-school depressive BM and a very bleak acoustic interlude for good measure.

By the time we get to “Till priset av vårt liv”, the band has done a great job in crafting a truly unique and at times bizarre release that will make an impact on the listener. We love albums that challenge the listener to open their minds and process a plethora of influences all blended in together. Bergraven certainly are on the far end of the spectrum when it comes to weird, but “Det framlidna minnet” is still a great release full of secrets to uncover.

Bands: Bergraven Album: Det framlidna minnet

Label: Nordvis Productions

Release: March 8th, 2019

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Genre: Avant-garde/Experimental Folk/Black Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 92/100

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