Parting Gift - Ensom (2019)


Unleashing a very unique an dreamy EP, today we have UK’s Parting Gift with “Ensom”. Featuring five tracks and around 18 minutes of music, this release blends Post-Rock/Shoegazey elements with moody vocal arrangements and lush atmospheric elements. If you are into Post-Rock, Dream Pop, Shoegaze and have a sweet spot for Alternative rock, this is certainly a release that will appeal to your senses.

The album kicks off with the dreamy intensity of “Pale”, a track that instantly showcases the band’s moody vocals and excellent guitar work. This track feels a bit heavier than it sounds, as the guitars could pass on for Melodic DM, but the vocals and overall atmosphere change the vibe to a mellower one. With “3:07 (Moonlight)” the band opens the song in an Alcest-like manner with a very subtle atmosphere, as the vocals nicely elevate the song and complete the moody atmosphere.

Our favorite track is the expansive “Without Sin”, a song that showcases the band being a bit more rounded with a more traditional structure enhanced by soaring vocal arrangements. The guitar work is quite excellent as it feels heavy and yet dreamy in a very Shoegazey way. “Cold” feels a bit more experimental, focusing only on atmosphere with very few riffs and traditional rock elements.

Closing with the EP title tracks, the band delivers a lively mood with an intense and very Indie Rock pieces. The Post-Rock elements are nice, and interestingly combined with more ‘mainstream ideas’, making “Ensom” a very unique and multi-dimensional EP. Parting Gift is definitely one talented young band full with unique ideas and a very catchy sound, so be sure to keep an eye out for these guys.

Bands: Parting Gift Album: Ensom

Label: Fearless Records

Release: March 22nd, 2019

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Genre: Indie Rock/Post-Rock

Country: UK

Rating: 85/100

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