Misery Index - Rituals of Power (2019)


Unleashing over 35 minutes of crunchy modern sounding Death Metal, today we have Misery Index and their latest release “Rituals of Power”. Masterfully combining raw brutality with craftiness, the band pummels through nine tracks filled with intricate guitar work and inhuman growls. With their fifth full-length release, this American outfit is ready to get the crowds moshing and prepared for devastation.

First and powerful, “Universal Untruths” delivers waves of crushing guitars and crafty drumming, setting a very punishing and intense vibe since the beginning. As the band steamrolls through “Decline and Fall” and “The Choir Invisible”, we notice how they deliver signature DM elements with a modern and fresh take, allowing their sound to be both classic and yet fresh. For those of use craving intensity, “New Salem” is the perfect example of abusive guitar work brilliantly paired with meaty hooks and an intense tempo.

Our favorite song in this release has to be the Carcass-esque “Hammering the Nails”, a track filled with savage riffs and intense vocals. With plenty of headbanging moments, this song nicely showcases the band’s timeless sound and brutal catchiness. For those Hypocrisy fans, “Rituals of Power” has a Swedish Death Metal opening that slowly morphs into blistering drumming and melodic dominance. With a relentless attitude, the band pummels through brillant tracks like “They Always Come Back” and “I Disavow”, keeping the brutality up to 11 through this release.

Closing with the “Naysayer”, Misery Index leaves us on a high note with traditional Death Metal antics. Uncompromising and always delivering 110%, “Rituals of Power” is one hell of a release that features a timeless sound from a highly talented band. If you are a Death Metal maniac, this release should not be missing from your collection.

Bands: Misery Index Album: Rituals of Power

Label: Season of Mist

Release: March 8th, 2019

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Genre: Death Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 88/100

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