Chrome Waves - A Grief Observed (2019)


Unleashing one of the most demoralizing and punishing Post-Black Metal releases of 2019, today we have Chrome Waves and their debut full-length release “A Grief Observed”. Formed by members and ex members of USBM bands like Twilight, Abigail Williams, Wolvhammer, this outfit crafts some truly harrowing songs filled with emotions and contrasted by savage Black Metal undertones. Presenting brilliantly atmospheric and moody songs, Chrome Waves makes a huge splash in the Post-Black Metal/Blackgaze scene with this release.

Opening with “Burdened”, we instantly get the vibe of bands like Old Silver Key, Grey Waters, thanks to the mixture of dreamy clean vocals and harsh screams. The instrumentation in this opener is quite dramatic with solemn atmospheric passages that perfectly change the tempo of the track. Keeping things heavy and melodic, “Past the Lights” delivers catchy riffs and tight drumming, creating a very powerful and yet melancholic vibe. Again, there is some magic to the way the clean vocal arrangements contrast the pace and intensity of this track, creating a very trippy dreamy depressing vibe.

The album title track continues the atmospheric onslaught with a slow hypnotic and Doomy vibe that has a certain Decoryah vibe. The harsh screams brilliantly contrast with the mid-tempo pace and the overall feeling of helplessness created by this song. The band’s sound is never static or boring, as they weave back and forth between multiple styles and genres, as we can see from the hard rocking solos in “Predatory Animals”.

James Benson’s vocals are the perfect blend of dreamy to keep tracks quite emotional, similar to Tim Yatras, but with his own twist to bring punishing tracks like “Take Another Sip” to life. After closing with the crushing “Open Casket”, we are left blown away by the quality and ingenuity of “A Grief Observed”. Chrome Waves has managed to deliver over 44 minutes of brilliant music that will instantly make them known in the scene. If you like Post-Black Metal with tons of emotions and atmosphere, look no further and get a copy of this release.

Bands: Chrome Waves Album: A Grief Observed

Label: Disorder Recordings

Release: March 1st, 2019

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Genre: Post-Black Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 94/100

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