Delain - Hunter’s Moon (2019)


Keeping to their tradition of intense and bombastic releases, Delain unleashes “Hunter’s Moon” a very lively EP which features four new tracks and ten live songs. As a small taste of what is to come, this release showcases the band firing on all cylinders as their music continues to mature and evolve. While capturing the band’s live energy, the live songs in this release cover some of the band’s greatest hits with the help of Marco Hietala on vocals.

The album leads with the first single, “Masters of Destiny”, a track that showcases Charlotte’s characteristic vocals in a very dramatic and fantasy-like setting. We particularly love how the band contrasts dramatic orchestral/choral arrangements with commanding riffs, creating a very epic and immersive sound. Things transition into heavier territories with the album’s title track, featuring harsh vocals and a faster and more dynamic pace. Showing the band’s versatility and perfect balance between heaviness and melody.

Composed by Timo Somers, one of the band’s guitarists, “The Silence is Mine” mixes heavy guitars, dramatic leads, and electronic elements quite nicely in a way that further expands the band’s sound. This track is a very lively and engaging piece that shows the band under a different light. “Art Kills” further explores these electronic territories but throws some heavier growls into the mix. Composed by Merel Bechtold, this song takes the band’s sound in a very interesting and playful direction.

The release wraps up with ten tracks extracted from their live Blu-ray and most of them feature Marco Hietala on vocals. We are huge fans of the band’s early material and hearing their renditions of “The Gathering” is enough for us to pre-order this album. The sound is crisp and captures the playfulness of the band’s live show, so we can’t wait to see the video portion of this release. Overall, Delain sets a new bar with the new songs and we will be eagerly waiting for the full-length release that follows.

Bands: Delain Album: Hunter’s Moon

Label: Napalm Records

Release: February 22nd, 2019

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Genre: Symphonic Metal

Country: Netherlands

Rating: 93/100

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