Esben and the Witch - Nowhere (2018)


Unleashing a very unique amalgamation of sounds, today we have Esben and the Witch and their latest effort “Nowhere”. Featuring a darker tone than their previous releases, this album perfectly contrast the fragility of Rachel Davies vocals and the commanding presence of heavy guitar riffs and hypnotic drumming. Blurring the lines between several genres and influences, this release is certainly one to digest after a good amount of listens and with undivided attention.

Slowing building up their atmosphere in “A Desire for Light”, the band nicely shuffles elements around to create a very powerful and direct song. The band’s sound while simplistic in nature, allows them to play around with the song tempos while crafting memorable tracks that keep you guessing and engaged. The best example of this is the exploratory nature of “Dull Gret” with its heavy guitar riffs, and the dreamy folky piece “Golden Purifier”, which mostly focuses on subtle percussions and solemn guitar leads.

Our favorite track is the enigmatic “The Unspoiled”, a piece that weaves back and forth sultry vocal passages and crunchy riffs. The album’s production is quite brilliant, showcasing the rawness of the guitars perfectly and the naivety of the vocals. With no songs being quite a like, tracks like “Seclusion” have a certain experimental/free flowing vibe, were it unfolds in a very gradual and enchanting way.

Saving the most intense to last, the shoegazey “Darkness” is a very appropriate closer for such a unique and engaging release. We enjoy how Esben and the Witch combines elements to craft subtle and direct tracks that are never overly pretentious, allowing them to sound like nobody else in the scene. If you are looking for a dark and gloomy album to hold you over until the end of Winter, “Nowhere” is definitely one to check out.

Bands: Esben and the Witch Album: Nowhere

Label: Season of Mist

Release: November 16th, 2018

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Genre: Atmospheric Rock/Post-Rock

Country: UK

Rating: 91/100

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