Rotting Christ - The Heretics (2019)


The ever changing and always improving Rotting Christ return this 2019 with yet another brilliant release. Further developing the Melodic BM sound with dramatic vocal arrangements and subtle atmospheric elements, “The Heretics” delivers over 45 minutes of expertly crafted music that is both engaging and brilliant for a long head banging session. If you have been following the band’s music progression, this release takes their sound and makes it even more grandiose and expansive.

Fully immersing the listener into the band’s dark world, “In the Name of God” starts the album with the signature Rotting Christ melodic riffing. The band crafts a very eerie atmosphere in this track (and release) thanks to the choral arrangements that brilliantly contrast Sakis Tolis harsh vocals. The addition of female vocals on “Vetry Zlye” creates a very unique vibe that is well complemented with dramatic arrangements and tight drumming.

After the killer guitar leads of “Heaven and Hell and Fire”, the band unleashes the hypnotic “Hallowed Be Thy Name”. The pace in this last track is brilliant, creating a very ominous atmosphere while sending chills down the listener’s spine. The mixture of faster paced passages with their traditional melodic sections make tracks like “Dies Irae” and “I Believe” shine and keep the flow of the release going strong. One of our favorite tracks for headbanging purposes is the ridiculously catchy “Fire God and Fear”, where the subtle synths create a very sinister mood.

Before the album comes to a close, “The New Messiah” unleashes a killer mixture of creepy clean vocals, melodic riffing and weeping guitar leads to create one of the best tracks the band has ever written. However, this is not the best song as “The Raven” perfectly captures that Moonspell-esque “Alma Mater” vibe but with the Rotting Christ signature guitar sound. Overall, “The Heretics” is one hell of a release from this Greek outfit that just keeps getting better and better with time.

Bands: Rotting Christ Album: The Heretics

Label: Season of Mist

Release: February 15th, 2019

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Genre: Melodic Black Metal

Country: Greece

Rating: 94/100

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