Yerûšelem - The Sublime (2019)


Unleashing a truly psychotic and bizarrely mesmerizing release, today we have Yerûšelem and their debut release “The Sublime”. Helmed by Vindsval and W.D.Feld of Blut Aus Nord fame, this release blends Industrial elements with chilling atmospherics and sinister guitar riffs, sounding unlike anything you have heard before. This album creates a whole new dimension of music, which could be described as a mixture of Mysticum, Diabolos Rising and Manes, but with a completely different direction.

The title track opens the release with a hypnotic pace, thanks to a drony vibe with subtle electronic elements and eerie guitars. The aural madness continues with the intoxicating beats of “Autoimmunity”, a song that nicely contrasts odd vocals with a catchy tempo and punishing guitar riffs. Other tracks create a very awesome discomforting claustrophobic atmospheres like the dissonant “Eternal” and the creepy “Joyless”.

For those looking at faster paced madness, “Triiiunity” and “Babel” feel a bit more intense while showcasing crafty electronic elements and interesting usage of vocals. Our favorite track is the more experimental “Reverso”, a piece that slowly crawls under your skin while delivering funky atmospherics and a very martial pace. Closing with “Textures of Silence”, the band leaves on an ethereal note, easing the listener out of this maddenning aural experience.

Overall, “The Sublime” is a killer release that will certainly expand your mind and musical scope. We are quite glad that Vindsval and W.D.Feld decided to unleash this music as a side project and not try to bake it into Blut Aus Nord. Constantly expanding their musical horizons, the members of Yerûšelem reach new heights with the total uniqueness and bizarreness of these nine tracks.

Bands: Yerûšelem Album: The Sublime

Label: Debemur Morti Productions

Release: February 8th, 2019

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Genre: Industrial/Experimental Metal

Country: France

Rating: 92/100

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