Downfall of Gaia - Ethic Of Radical Finitude (2019)


Unleashing one of the early candidates for best album of 2019, today we have Downfall of Gaia and their crushing masterpiece “Ethic Of Radical Finitude”. Slowly perfecting their trade, this German outfit deliver six brilliant songs filled with unrivaled melancholy and sheer power. With over 40 minutes of majestic atmospheric sludginess, this release perfectly combines Post-Metal elements with Sludge, Crust and even some more traditional Post-Rock passages.

After the opening intro, “The Grotesque Illusion of Being” wastes no time in unleashing brutal vocal onslaughts perfectly framed by dreamy guitars and blistering drums. The band has perfected the ability to unleash both brutal and melancholic pummeling onslaughts. Moving into more crafty territories, “We Purse the Serpent of Time” starts of with ritualistic percussion as the riffs slowly build up to create a crushing wall of sound, the signature style from the band. The clean vocals here add extra depth and mystery to an already pretty impressive song.

Our favorite track has to be the demoralizing “Guided Through a Starless Night”. This piece further explores the band’s creativity with bleak instrumental passages with clean female vocal spoken sections that slowly give way to BM-esque riffing. Getting back to their usual sheer intensity, “As Our Bones Break to the Dance” unleashes brutal passages which feel very raw when perfectly intertwined with more melancholic elements.

As the album closes with the moody “Of Withering Violet Leaves”, we are left blown away by the band’s ability to combine drastically different tempos while continuing to deliver the same oppressive vibe in their music. Downfall of Gaia is at a completely different level in terms of their ability to combine disparate elements into cohesive and crushing songs. With “Ethic Of Radical Finitude”, this outfit showcases songwriting skills in the spectrum of bands like The Ocean or Amenra. Do not miss out on this crushing release.

Bands: Downfall of Gaia Album: Ethic Of Radical Finitude

Label: Metal Blade Records

Release: February 8th, 2019

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Genre: Atmospheric Post-Metal/Crust/Sludge

Country: Germany

Rating: 96/100

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