SLOW - IV - Mythologiæ (2019)


Making our start of 2019 a lot more gloomier, today we have SLOW and the re-recording of their 2015 release “IV - Mythologiæ”. Helmed by the multitalented Déhà, this outfit delivers some of the most painful and crushing Atmospheric/Funeral Doom to ever exist and with this release they unleash nearly 60 minutes of monolithic bleakness. Only for fans of bands like Thergothon, Shape of Despair, etc., this music will certainly strike a nerve with its sheer raw power.

The album kicks off with the desolate soundscape painted by “The Standing Giant”. This track starts with minimalist atmospheric elements and weeping guitars that slowly progress to powerful riffs and deep growls. The pace of this song makes it just magical, allowing the listener to be at the edge of their seat for over 10 minutes. The build-up is one of our favorite elements of the genre and on “The Drowning Angel”, we get a majestic one that takes nearly half the song but unravels into demoralizing brilliant as the song comes to a climax.

SLOW casts a powerful spell over their listeners, nearly hypnotizing them with their perfect use of pace and atmospherics, as we can hear in both “The Suffering Rebel” and the masterful “The Dying God”. Never rushing or falling into endless loops of repetition are two of the main reasons we greatly enjoy the band’s music in contrast to others in the genre. Songs like “Sorrow Shadow”, showcase how the band’s style is always present but not every song has to sound exactly the same as the previous ones.

Closing with the new bonus track “The Break of Dawn”, we get a certain glimmer of hope shine through their music with this vast and punishing piece. Overall, we feel that this version of “IV - Mythologiæ” sounds lot more powerful, while allowing all atmospheric elements to shine. SLOW is definitely one of the most prolific bands in the genre thanks to their creativity and knack for making truly powerful music. Be sure to get a copy for those long and rainy days between now and spring.

Bands: SLOW Album: IV - Mythologiæ

Label: Code666 Records

Release: January 25th, 2019

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Genre: Atmospheric/Funeral Doom Metal

Country: Belgium

Rating: 92/100

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