Barshasketh - Barshasketh (2019)


Delivering the first truly pummeling Black Metal sonic abuse of 2019, today we have Barshasketh and their self-titled fourth full-length release. Featuring over 53 minutes of blistering BM, this band is set to conquer the scene with the relentless music filled with oppression and destruction. Out on World Terror Committee, this band’s release has the seal of approval of a label that always releases high quality BM albums.

Instantly abusing the listener with their incisive riffs, “Vacillation” sets a very intense mood to start the album. The band’s sinister music is crafted to perfection, playing around with slower tempos to create a very cavernous atmosphere, like on the crushing “Resolve”. In the two parts of the track “Consciousness”, the band nicely crafts a very powerful atmosphere with intricate riffing and a pulsating bass guitar line that will make your speakers rumble.

The band’s craft is beyond a one dimensional BM band, allowing them to create crafty songs that are both pummeling an atmospheric, like “Ruin” parts one and two. For those looking for unrelentless brutality, tracks like “Rebirth” do a great job in showcasing the band’s sheer power when it comes to more traditional BM onslaughts.

As the album comes to a close with “Recrudescence”, Barshasketh has managed to deliver one hell of a brutal release with a solid focus on atmosphere and craft. This band has slowly refined their sound over the years and in 2019 they are ready for prime time. If you like relentless Black Metal with sinister atmospheres and crushing vocals, look no further and pick up a copy of this release.

Bands: Barshasketh Album: Barshasketh

Label: World Terror Committee

Release: January 15th, 2019

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: New Zealand / Scotland

Rating: 93/100

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