Top Doom Metal Albums of 2018

After many years of almost no good Death/Doom and Funeral Doom releases, this year we had a great deal of them, making it an interesting year. We also mixed other subgenres of Doom in this list for simplicity.

9. Dirge - Lost Empyrean (2018)

Interesting Sludge/Doom combination filled with pummeling riffs and dramatic tempo changes.

8. Towards Atlantis Lights – Dust of Aeons (2018)

Crushing release from this International collective.

7. Abysmal Grief – Blasphema Secta (2018)

Long time in the making, this release further cements the band's legendary status.

6. Décembre Noir - Autumn Kings (2018)

Melodic and catchy, this album will grab your attention like early Katatonia/October Tide used to do.

5. Mournful Congregation – The Incubus of Karma (2018)

The Australian masters unleash some of their most powerful sounds to date in this release.

4. On Thorns I Lay – Aegean Sorrow (2018)

Another unexpected return to the scene, On Thorns I Lay brought back that 2000's Doom vibe with this release.

3. Eye of Solitude - Slaves to Solitude (2018)

Supporting this release with a US tour, Eyes of Solitude crushed 2018 with their Funeral Doom.

2. Aeonian Sorrow – Into The Eternity A Moment We Are (2018)

New comers deliver one of the best male/female vocals Doom releases of the year.

1. Forest of Shadows - Among the Dormant Watchers (2018)

Late entry to the fold, still managed to out 'Doom' the rest of the albums in this list.


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