Top Black Metal Albums of 2018

Black Metal bands unleashed some of the most unholy and ravaging albums in 2018. Here are the ones we think stand out from the rest.

10. Primordial – Exile Amongst the Ruins (2018)

Primordial continues to age well with time thanks to their enigmatic Celtic-influenced music.

9. Immortal - Northern Chaos Gods (2018)

Demonaz and company keep things frosty with this release full of killer riffs and catchy melodies.

8. Outre - Hollow Earth (2018)

Intricate and powerful, this Polish outfit delivers sheer brutality with grace and composure.

7. Valkyrja - Throne Ablaze (2018)

Influenced by Dissection, this Swedish outfit kicks some serious ass with their melodic onslaughts.

6. One Tail, One Head - Worlds Open, Worlds Collide (2018)

Going out with a bang, this last release leaves a crushing legacy for the band.

5. Selbst - Secular Compendium (2018)

Enjoy the band's evolution by listening to their killer early stuff.

4. Chaos Invocation - Reaping Season, Bloodshed Beyond (2018)

Raw power and sheer brutality is the perfect way to describe this band.

3. Avslut – Deceptis (2018)

Vicious outfit from Sweden delivered one killer release that will surely get them noticed.

2. Sargeist - Unbound (2018)

Finland never fails to deliver when it comes to demoralizing and unholy Black Metal releases.

1. Délétère - De Horae Leprae (2018)

Canada takes the top spot with crafty melodies and a ravaging attitude.


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