Top Releases Pushing the Boundaries of 2018

2018 was a great year for releases that pushed boundaries and are shaping the future of metal.

Honorable Mention: Black Mare & Offret – Alone Among Mirrors (2018)

Lush release filled with interesting ideas from the two bands.

Honorable Mention: Follow the Cipher – Follow the Cipher (2018)

Superbly catchy release from these steampunk pirates.

10. Mountaineer - Passages (2018)

Brilliantly dreamy release from this Bay Area outfit.

9. Amaranthe - Helix (2018)

Catchy and intoxicating release that you won't be able to stop playing.

8. Dark Buddha Rising – II (2018)

The band keeps pushing the boundary with their crushing and oppresive release.

7. Ihsahn – Àmr (2018)

Ihsahn is always pushing his limits and "Àmr" was no exception.

6. Crippled Black Phoenix - Great Escape (2018)

As a melting pot of influences, CBP delivered a truly visionary release.

5. Unreqvited - Mosaic I: l'amour et l'ardeur (2018)

Experimenting with a more atmospheric edge, Unreqvited expanded its sound.

4. In the Woods… - Cease the Day (2018)

Musical pioneers keep pushing forward with new ideas wrapped around their signature style.

3. A Forest of Stars - Grave Mounds and Grave Mistakes (2018)

The band's sound continues to expand while integrating more atmospheric elements.

2. Shining - Animal (2018)

With an interesting change in direction, "Animal" is another weird but great release from the band.

1. Manes - Slow Motion Death Sequence (2018)

Always delivering truly unique aural experiences, Manes just keeps getting better and better.


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