Top not-so Metal Releases of 2018

In 2018 we received a considerable amount of albums that are kind of hard, but not quite 'Metal'. Here is our list of the top five we reviewed.

5. Noekk - Carol Stones and Elder Rock (2018)

After a long hiatus, Noekk returns with solid effort that invokes some similarities to outfits like Empyrium and Tenhi.

4. Nochnoy Dozor - Nochnoy Dozor (2018)

Interesting EP release from this Greek outfit delivers strong vocals and a mixture of Rock and Doom elements.

3. The Exploding Eyes Orchestra - II (2018)

As the closing statement from this short-lived but very trippy band, Jess and company unleash a lush mixture of esoteric atmospheres and pyschedelic brilliance.

2. Varsovie - Coups et Blessures (2018)

Full of attitude and extreme catchiness, this release is definitely one of the best to come out of France in 2018.

1. Chrome Division - One Last Ride (2018)

While not quite totally Heavy Metal, this hard-rocking release sees Shagrath and company go out with a bang.


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