Svoid - Spiral Dance (2018)


Going completely ‘off the reservation’, today we have Svoid and their very strange and yet interestingly addictive EP “Spiral Dance”. Not showing any of their Black Metal influences, this release is a very weird experimental EP that explores the band’s more theatrical side with a few Post-Punk sprinkles thrown into the mix. Certainly this release is a very true to form album from Sun & Moon Records.

The weirdness begins with the bizarre indie-anthem “Stand in Awe”, an interesting track that has some Post-Punk elements, but in general feels more like an NPR kind of song. Considering this release a complete outside the box release, we can certainly enjoy catchy tracks like the epic “The Very Hours” and its melancholic vibe. It even has a quasi-Depeche Mode vibe that caught our attention and we found ourselves playing this song quite a few times.

The goth vibe of “Long I’ve Gone” makes it quite enjoyable as the piano nicely contrasts the clean vocals, giving the song a very dark and solemn tone. Closing with “The Velvet Cell”, we are left as weirded out as any regular Svoid fan would expect. While one could say that the whole experience is typical of Svoid, this still feels a bit too foreign from what we expected. Overall, not a bad release, as it is actually quite interesting, but be warned to expect something completely unexpected.

Bands: Svoid Album: Spiral Dance

Label: Sun & Moon Records

Release: December 17th, 2018

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Genre: Experimental

Country: Hungary

Rating: 88/100

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